Review Us On Angie’s List

Review Us On Angie's List

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To all of our past customers, you can now review Downs Property Maintenance on Angie’s List. We appreciate and value your feedback very much as it is our goal to strive to be the best in our industry. As many of you know the Painting & Property Maintenance niche is a very competitive market for a small business. Without our customers, we wouldn’t be who we are today in this competitive field.  Angie’s List has given us 3 highly intuitive tools to capture our customer reviews. Continue reading “Review Us On Angie’s List”

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Save $100 OFF of Interior Paint

Save $

Save $ Money

Downs Property Maintenance is offering a coupon to Save $. $100 off your next interior paint project. This offer is valid for any interior paint project that includes three rooms or more. Whether you are just sprucing up the place with a single coat of paint matching the existing color. Or you are going for something a little more dramatic. Maybe a full-color change to add some definition and character to your space. Whatever your choice may be, we have got you covered. 

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Interior Painting-Rental Property-Nicotine Damaged Unit

Interior Painting-Rental Property

This is a rental property that we took care of for one of our clients. When we walked into this house we knew right away that we had our work cut out for us in order to get these walls back to looking beautiful again. The previous tenant had lived in this unit for quite some time and had evidently been a heavy cigarette smoker as the walls were covered in a yellow film of nicotine. In some of the pictures you can see where we had started to cover the walls with a powerful interior paint stain blocker (Killz). Ceiling Interior Painting Kitchen Interior Painting Interior Painting-Before Interior Paint Rental Property




Interior Painting-Rental Property-Finished

After covering all the walls throughout this rental property with a healthy coat of Killz we were able to begin the process of painting the walls. If you've ever painted a house that has been damaged with nicotine then you know the work involved. After painting all the walls and ceilings with a coat of Killz, and two coats of premium Behr paint with primer (customer chose paint) this is how this interior paint project turned out.

Interior Painting Interior Paint-Rental Property Interior Paint Rental Property

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