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Interior Painting In Rental Properties

Interior painting in a rental property is a bit different than painting in say a home that the homeowner actually lives in. Rental properties are generally empty unless of course the previous tenant left in a hurry and didn't bother to take all their personal effects. Which by the way we've seen happen more times than you'd think. Painting in a rental property home or in the rental property world "unit" has its advantages. Besides the fact that the unit is completely empty and you have free reign to move about, the standards are usually a little lower than painting for a homeowner. Reason being is that the landlord or real estate investing company usually paints those units once a year or at the end of every lease. This can be very costly depending on how well the previous tenants took care of the unit or rental property. And when you factor in all the other aspects of maintaining a rental property like replacing the carpet if needed, appliances if applicable, cleaning, and so on, this could make for a pretty hefty yearly bill. That's where we come into play, just because the standards are a little lower in rental properties doesn't mean we don't give our clients a great finished product.

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